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Super Green Soup (green peas with mint) 西蘭花青豆湯




Broccoli is packed with fibres, promotes intestinal peristalsis, avoids constipation conditions, and performs antioxidants. Packed with rich ingredients like potatoes and peas, the soup finishes in a creamy, fine texture. Add fresh mint leaves to refresh the taste and make your try unforgettable.


材料包括:薯仔、 青豆、西蘭花、薄荷葉、洋蔥、蒜頭、橄欖油、菜湯、檸檬汁、鹽、橄欖油

Ingredients:Potato、 Green Peas、Broccoli、Mint leaf、Onions、Garlic、Olive oil、Vegetable stock、Lemon Juice、Salt


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