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Porcini Mushroom Soup 牛肝菌蘑菇湯




An absolutely perfect treat for all mushroom lovers is our signature Whatthesoup Porcini Mushroom Soup. Cooked with the combination of white, brown, and porcini mushrooms, this signature dish is layered with earthy notes that complement its thick and rich texture.


材料包括水, 白蘑菇,啡蘑菇,牛肝菌, 洋蔥, 鹽, 蒜頭, 忌廉, 面粉, 胡椒粉, 橄欖油


Ingredients: Water, White Mushroom, Brown Mushroom, Porcini, Onions, Salt, Garlic, Cream, Flour, Pepper, Olive oil


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