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Refund & Return Policy

一般情況下,基於食品衛生安全問題,我們不設退貨或更換貨品。但基於滿足閣下對我們店內食品的執著與追求=) 如商品遇到以下不幸的情況,我們將會極速安排退貨、退款或重新發貨。
A.    商品在運送過程中受嚴重損壞(天氣問題除外),而令商品不能進食、飲用或使用;或
B.    商品款式、口味或數量與訂單不符;或
C.    一個充分合理的原因。
A.    閣下必須於收貨後48小時內,以Whatsapp或電郵作出申請,並附上 (a) 訂單編號、 (b) 有關商品的照片及 (c) 提出退款或重新發貨要求,讓我們能更容易及快速跟進。
B.    我們會於收到閣下的申請後,立即處理跟進。我們有可能要求閣下提供更多商品資料作補充。
C.    我們會審視有關申請及資料以決定其是否符合退換商品政策準則,並決定確認或拒絕安排有關申請。
D.   如我們決定確認安排有關申請,將根據是否需要退回有關商品,作出以下安排:
1.     [需要退回有關商品] 當我們收到閣下退回的商品後,會評估該商品是否符合退換商品政策的要求,如符合要求,我們會在5個工作天內退款或重新發貨。
2.    [不需要退回有關商品]我們會在5個工作天內退款或重新發貨。
For the avoidance of doubt, our decision on this policy is final.
In general, based on the hygiene and safety issues of food, we do not offer returns or exchanges. But if the product encounters the following unfortunate circumstances, we will arrange a return, refund, or re-shipment as soon as possible.
A.       The product(s) is/are severely damaged in transit (except for weather problems), making the item inedible, drinkable, or useable;
B.        the type, flavor, or quantity of the product does not match the order;
C.        a sufficiently reasonable cause.
Subject to the above return policy guidelines, we will return, refund or reship according to the following process:
A.       You must make an application via Whatsapp or Email within 48 hours after receiving the product(s), and attach [a] the order number, [b] the photo of the affected product(s), and [c] a request for a refund or re-shipment, for letting us follow-up your inquiry easier and faster.
B.       We will follow up immediately upon receipt of your application. We may ask you to provide additional product information.
C.       We will review the application and information to determine whether it meets the return policy criteria, and decide to confirm or reject the application.
D.       If we decide to confirm the relevant application, we will make the following arrangements according to whether it is necessary to return the relevant goods:
1.       [Related product(s) need to be returned] When we receive your returned product(s), we will evaluate whether the product(s) meets the requirements of the return policy. If it meets the requirements, we will refund or re-ship within 5 working days.
2.       [No need to return the product(s)] We will refund or re-ship within 5 working days.

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