我們 What The Soup 的誕生



What The Soup糅合各國湯品精粹,創出自家獨有味道,嚴選新鮮食材,用心製作,足料配方,不含防腐劑、人造色素、味精、雞粉及添加劑,每款湯品均由註冊營養師計算卡路里,好味又健康的營養代餐,讓你食一碗好湯。


Soup is a dish that transcends the culinary boundary of cultures, where every culture has its very own style of soup. A bowl of hot soup from home reminds us of our roots. A taste of a foreign soup uncovers the story of its culture.


What The Soup has gathered the essence of soups from different cultures, combining ingredients that are true to their origins, and inventing unique fusion soup recipes.


We aim to create a new soup culture.

A generation of convenience, nutritional, and tasty soups that could be delivered right to your doorstep.